Strong protest against a dadri killing held at Rajghat in Delhi

New Delhi
Khudai Khidmatgar organized people`s protest along with other civil society organization against the barbarous killing of an innocent Indian citizen Akhlaque in a village of Uttar Pradesh. People from various organizations who have gathered here said that it is our duty to stand up against this idea of hate, where people don’t hesitate to butcher a fellow man without any reason. Just think over it once. How easy now to kill any one. What kind of society we are building up.
For that we have organized a Solidarity Protest & Candle vigil at Rajghat, the resting place of Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. We strongly believe that through nonviolent struggle we can win any battle.
National Alliance for People`s Movement (NAPM), Samajvadi Yuvjan Sabha (SYS), National Freedom Movement(NFM) and other respected and honorable people from different walk of life  had gathered at Rajghat to raise their strong voices against a barbarous killing of an innocent citizen of India.
Ramesh Bhai from Gandhi Peace Foundation, Vimal Bhai from NAPM, Advocate Shashank from SYS, Saurabh Vajpeyi from the NFM, Supreme Court Lawyer Kabir Dixit, Noted Social activist Khadija Bahn and Zulaikha Jabin shared their views and said that it is high time, we should come on one platform to fight our common enemy.
Prof. Anand Kumar from the Swaraj Abhiyan addressing the large gathering of people said that it is not the issue of Hindu and Muslim but it is an issue of an Indian citizen who has been assassinated for no reason. It is a murder of whole humanity.
Justice (retired) Rajinder Sachar — head of the Sachar Commitee which had drafted a report on the social, economic and educational status of Muslims — was one of the protestors. Terming the incident shameful, Sachar said, “The government simply wants to make this a Hindu nation”.
He also criticized Union Minister Mahesh Sharma for terming the lynching an “accident”. “How can such a barbarous act be an accident? Then the attack on Parliament and the 26/11 attack should also be considered accidents,” he added
Khudai Khidmatgar Faisal Khan said that we need to act towards spreading the love across the society and to achieve this; we should go to the common people with the message of humanity and love. He said if we fail to reach out to masses there is no other way to stop hate and brigade the gap which is being created in society. As an Indian and as a part of civilized nation everyone should stand up against such kind of barbarism.
Ovais Sultan, Kripal Singh, Anjum, Tabish, Farrah shakeb, Rahul Upadhyay, Hurair, Parvez, Rizwan, Sadiq and many other people were present with placard and Candles.



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