SDPI to launch nationwide campaign against communal terror

New Delhi

Social Democratic Party of India is all set to launch a nationwide campaign against the communal terrorism patronized either directly or indirectly by the Sangh Parivar and the growing intolerance in the country, said the Party president A Sayeed while addressing a press conference here. He said, within few months of being in power the NDA government has given up the agenda of development. BJP has repeatedly proved that they are running short of the maturity to lead world’s largest democracy.

BJP MPs, Central Ministers, Chief Ministers of BJP ruled states and even governors appointed by the NDA Government are coming forward with controversial statements one after another mostly attacking the secular and progressive democratic thoughts prevailing among the people of our country. The socio-political situation of our country is growing vulnerable day by day. Word intolerance is much discussed in India at present. RSS and BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi vocally try to establish that India is a country of tolerance. This verbal exercise itself calls out the pitiable social situation prevailing in India. 

While answering queries from the audience the Party Vice President said, the campaign is intended to draw peoples’ attention to the upsetting socio-political situation prevailing in the country and to bring confidence among them. He said the campaign would be launched on 10th of December at Bangalore and will extend up to 31st December 2015. The campaign is marked with a Parliament March scheduled for 21st December. Public meetings, Seminars at Jaipur, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Aligarh, Lucknow, Patna and Mumbai, street plays, get togethers, literatures and documentaries will be the part of the campaign throughout the nation.

Vice President Adv Sharfuddin said, the government has failed to show the zeal to contain the radical right groups, which have been causing turbulence throughout the country. Attacks on Muslims owing to communal hatred, now mostly in the name of cow protection, has become a continuous process in different parts of the country. Caste prejudice and atrocities towards Dalits also are on the increase. Approach of leaders and ministers towards such incidents is more reprehensible. Over excited by power, BJP has forgotten decorum and principles of democracy. He further said, the country passes through lot of changes and turmoil. In just over a year and a half of the NDA government the slogans of development have been replaced by narrative of divisiveness.

Meanwhile, the spectrum of intolerance is widening and it is hunting whistle-blowers, reformists, writers, artists and activists by way of threats and killings. Let us remember assassination of Narendra Dabholkar in Pune, Govind Pansare in Mumbai and M.M. Kalburgi in Gulbarga. Writers, artists, cultural activists, scientists and public intellectuals are now compelled to come out with protest against the government’s failure to protect freedom of expression and contain religious intolerance, said General secretary Elyas Muhammad Thumbe. 

Common mass of the country are frightened of the untoward and unhealthy developments imposed by the fascists and the administration. This is the occasion to spread message of fearlessness and confidence among the oppressed and minorities of our country. SDPI’s campaign includes Public Meetings, Seminars, Corner Meetings, Street Dramas, Posters, Leaflets, Different types of Poetical and Musical Programs with a message ‘on your feet, not on your knees’, said General Secretary Mohammed Shafi.

The party leaders who addressed the media persons were National President A Sayeed, Vice President Adv. Sharafuddin Ahamed General Secretaries Elyas Muhammad Thumbe and Mohamed Shafi.